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ProFeeder: Affordable, Portable, Easy to Use Collaborative Robot Unit

Posted by Brian Knopp on Apr 22, 2020 11:58:22 AM

ProFeeder Collaborative Robot with DMG CNC Lathe

What is a ProFeeder Machine Tending Unit?

The ProFeeder is a standardized docking station with collaborative robot integration designed to support lean manufacturing best practices. Each ProFeeder has two carts. Each cart has a tray / grid plate to hold the parts. The carts can be removed from the ProFeeder and taken to the saw (as an example).  As the parts come off the saw, they can be loaded onto the cart and delivered to the ProFeeder for the collaborative robot to pick and place into the CNC machine. After the first batch of parts are complete the cart can move forward to the next process and the second cart can be loaded into the ProFeeder automation unit. 

ProFeeder Design Features

The design of the ProFeeder takes into account several details that would be generally overlooked by someone trying to design a basic pedestal or table. Here are some of the points:

  • Stability : The ProFeeder weight is approximately 550 lbs and engineered to provide stability and rigidity to withstand the loads associated with a UR10 Universal Robot at maximum payload and maximum extension. There is no risk of the ProFeeder tilting over. It is built like a solid machine tool. 

  • Flexibility: The ProFeeder can be easily moved around to different CNC machines with a pallet jack or with the optional swivel, leveling casters. 

    ProFeeder Collaborative Robot Unit
  • Cable Management: The ProFeeder has an internal docking station for the Universal Robot Controller with penetrations and mounting holes for organized cable management. A teach pendant mounting bracket is also included and can be mounted on one of the three sides of the ProFeeder. ProFeeder Collaborative Robot Cable Management
  • Cart: The cart is locked into the docking station by two pneumatic cylinders and elevated off the floor by roller bearings to provide a stable datum surface for the work pieces. 

ProCobots ProFeeder Cart

The ProFeeder is a standardized automation system which is affordable, portable and easy to use. The system delivers tremendous value for a company using automation and eliminates the need to re-invent the wheel by designing one-off custom stands which tie up valuable engineering and manufacturing resources and take several weeks or months to produce. 

Recent Installations of our ProFeeder Collaborative Robot Systems

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Haas DTI CNC Mill:

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